Turbo Blue Torch Stick Multi Purpose Refillable Butane Lighter (3-Pack)


This is the MOST POWERFUL FLAME on the market, reaching temperatures up to 230° F. Turn on the torch lighter to activate the powerful blue jet flame that works at any angle - even upside down! Take on camping trips to reduce time building a campfire. Easily solder wires with this device that fits comfortably in all hands. Even useful in the kitchen - caramelize a scrumptious creme brulee or put a nice char on your meat, the possibilities are endless! Kickstand and lock feature allow for hands free use of this lighter. Bottle opener feature makes this a multi functional and necessary tool for all smokers and drinkers!

Item Weight 14.39 Ounces Product Dimensions 1.5"L x 1.5"W x 8.8"H


About this item

  • So Many Uses- The Torch Stick by Torch Blue is a versatile tool with a powerful 2300° flame that can be used for a variety of tasks, including: Soldering wires, Lighting campfires, Caramelizing food, Removing paint, Welding metal, Thawing frozen pipes, Shrinking tubing, and much more!

  • Added Features- The Torch Stick also features a kickstand for hands-free use, a bottle opener for convenience, and a lock-on feature and safety lock for safety. It is the perfect torch for just about any project, big or small.

  • Easy To Refill- Grab our Torch Blue butane or any butane to use the Torch Stick FOREVER!

  • Ready To Go- Unlike most, our Torch Stick is Prefilled and ready to use out of the box!