Kipp Brothers Sprint Car Pull Back Racing Toy Cars with Decals - Pack of 8


Rev it up and send 'em forward! Race to see whose car zooms the farthest and fastest! These small speedsters boast realistic decals that look so real. Perfect for racing parties, speedway souvenirs, carnival prizes and more. This pack includes 8 slick cars with pull-back actions. Colors and styles vary as shown. Note: other racing supplies sold separately.

  • Ready, steady, let's roll! It's time to plan your ultimate speed party!
  • Rev up your racing game with these Kipp Brothers Sprint Cars! This pack of 8 diecast racers are the perfect accompaniment for friendly (or fierce) competition. Each 4” pull back car zooms forward, so be ready for a wild ride! See who goes the fastest and the furthest! Let the ‘race’ begin!
  • Rev up your race day fun with this pack of eight Sprint Car Pull Back Racing Toy Cars! These miniature speedsters come complete with realistic decals, so you can feel like a real NASCAR VIP. Perfect for party favors, carnival prizes, or a little friendly competition — hit the gas and get ready to go!
  • Speed away with Kipp Bros. Sprint Car Pull Back Racing Toy Cars! Outfit your little racer with 8 fast and wild cars to pick from with their pull back action mechanism. Packed with assorted colors and styles, they'll be able to jump on the highway with a new ride every day! Who needs the Grand Prix when you have these 8 fab cars?

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